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How Healthy is The Real Estate Market?

July 29th, 2014

Family How Healthy is The Real Estate Market?Before we get into the health of the market, I’d like to share a few adorable pictures from our July family adventures. We had a great trip to St. Louis, Missouri, where the kids enjoyed Six Flags Magic Mountain and the City Museum. Anyone who has not seen the City Museum owes it to themselves to check it out – it is insane. As the story goes, this old eccentric rich guy purchased a huge building in St. Louis and basically turned it into an Alice in Wonderland play place for kids and adults. It’s truly one of the coolest man made places I’ve ever visited. We had to pull the kids out kicking and screaming. What a blast!

St Louis How Healthy is The Real Estate Market?

Speaking of good times… I have an update on the real estate market for you. There are a few key indicators that I watch to judge the overall health of the real estate market and a few of my favorite indicators are in from last month.

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Our June Report Card

July 28th, 2014

Bill Gates- “We will always learn more from our biggest critic than we will from our biggest fan.”

Don’t you just love that quote? I think I made it through about 15 pages of Business @ The Speed of Thought before filing it in my library (maybe one of my kids will read it one day). Honestly it was way over my head. However, 10 years after reading those 15 pages, that one lesson I took from the book is to this day one of the biggest in my professional life.

checklist  Our June Report CardIf this is the first time you’ve read one of our monthly report cards, welcome to a behind the curtain look at mortgage lending. I write this monthly report card for a couple of reasons:

1. I believe the best way to improve is to accept responsibility for your failures and to question why we failed. Accepting responsibility behind my desk and accepting responsibility online for our nearly 100,000 viewers per month, is a whole different thing. This can be painful.

2. If our roles were reversed, I’d want to know what I know. I’d want to know what kind of integrity this operation has.

So here we go…

Our group helped 50 families finance their new homes in June, it was the largest number of families we’ve been able to help in any month this year.

So that is definitely a win!

Each of those clients were asked to complete a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire while at the closing table signing the documents for their new home. We’ve included copies of those actual questionnaire’s here for you to review.

For the month we scored 98.95% excellent or good and 1.05% fair.

checklist  Our June Report CardClick here to see our June Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Don’t put a stranger on the bus

July 23rd, 2014

Bill Hart talks about how you can talk to your client about why it is so important to you (and to them) to work with a lender that you as their Realtor, know and trust. This clip is great – be sure and watch this one minute video.

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Our May Report Card

July 7th, 2014

checklist  Our May Report CardSorry this is late, fortunately we have been very busy helping a record number of relocating physicians and dentists throughout June.  We’ve finally received and tabulated our Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires from May and it looks like another good month.

Before we get into our grade for the month, allow me to explain the premise behind our monthly report card.  It really all boils down to three simple ideas:

  1. If our roles were reversed and I was the client, I would want to know this information.  No B.S., no gimmicks and no marketing, I would want to know what real life physicians and clients feel about their experience with doing business with our group.  I’m confident if we treat you with the same respect and honestly that we would want receive if we were in your position, then the clients we want to attract will choose to do business with us.
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